The lost interviews: Budrock Prewitt’s interview with Willie Nelson about Poodie Locke (circa 1980)


“This was done in my living room in Dallas in 1980. It was me and a few Willie Vinyl Albums and a cassette machine.  Crude but funny.”

Buddy “Budrock” Prewitt
Willie Nelson & Family
Lighting Director aka “The Illuminator”

Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out the car window.

I feel bad that Budrock “The Illuminator” is still off the road, home in Texas, healing from an injury last June.  It’s gotta be killing him.   But, he continues to heal, slowly, and I know he appreciates all the good wishes folks send him.

Thanks to Buddy for sharing this ‘interview’ he had about Poodie Locke, with someone who knew him well,  Willie Nelson.






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