The Paula Nelson Band in Colorado

Thanks so much to Jim Eckenrode, for these great photos of Paula Nelson and the band, at Bruce’s Bar, in Severance, Colorado.

Paula Nelson and her band are on their way back to Texas, after warming things up in Colorado with some great shows!  The band played several shows in the mountains and here along the front range, including regular favorites like the Little Bear Saloon in Evergreen, and new venues like Bruce’s Bar, in Severance.  Everywhere they play, they make new fans who want them to come back the next time they are in town. 

It was so much fun getting to see them, and hear them perform.  The shows turn in to dance parties, with people crowding the aisles and front of the stage to dance. Their fan base continues to grow here, with people who saw them last time bringing friends, who bring their friends next time.  It’s quite a fan club, and it’s fun to connect with other music lovers who I see only at a Paula Nelson show.


The band played favorite Paula Nelson originals, songs from the bands earlier albums, and their most recent, “Little City” album. Also, the band is playing music from their soon-to-be-released new album, ‘Under the Influence’, which includes covers of songs by artists that the band grew up listening too and were influenced by, including songs by Billy Joe Shaver, Waylon Jennings, Mickey Newbery, Willie Nelson. Can’t wait for that album!


Paula invited young girls on stage to sing with her.  It is so sweet to see the girls with Paula.  If there are kids in the audience, Paula usually gets them involved in the act, or she gets down on the floor and dances with them.   There was a teen-aged boy who kept jumping up there, too, when Paula called the girls up, he was feeling things for Paula, too.

Thanks again to Jim Eckenrode, for his great photos


A highlight of the show is when the guys open up the second set by themselves.  They play some surf music (they really are Austin’s Best Surf Band), country favorites and originals, before Paula comes back on stage to sing.  The band performs like they are having so much fun doing what they are doing.  Go see them when you can, bring some friends, and have a party.


We Colorado fans feel so lucky that the band has us on their tour schedule.  Keep in touch with the band and see their tour schedule at their website:

The band is on FaceBook, too, and Paula is on Twitter. 


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