“The Reflectacles are my new favorite band,” — Amy Nelson


Gerry – Guitar, Miscellaneous Instruments, Singin’
Logan – Guitar, Miscellaneous Instruments, Singin’
Lincoln – Keyed Things, Mandolin, Singin’
Devin – Bass, Lead Guitar, Singin’
Chris – Lead Guitar, Bass, Singin’
Micah – Drums, Misc. Instruments, Sitar, Singin’

“The Reflectacles are my new favorite band. I was so impressed with their talent, energy, songs, and lack of ego. Their album will be out in a few days.

Also they will be performing at the 4th of July Picnic this year, at The Backyard in Austin.  So will we, and Paula too, and Dad and so on.  : )”

— Amy Nelson
    1/2 Folk Uke

Cathy Guthrie + Amy Nelson = Folk Uke

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