“The Reflectacles blew the spectacles off the crowd” (Shelly Brown review)

Hi Linda,

I was one of those privileged to attend the Folk Uke, Reflectacles, Willie concert in Maui last weekend.

Sure, we noticed his lovely locks were shorn, but most of us were too busy revelling in the incredible company of the man, and his talented offspring’s music.

I suppose quite a few of the folks at the concert were actually spell-bound. I certainly was after I spotted Kris Kristofferson in the control booth drinking a beer and laughing with Willie, just like they did in the Highwaymen days.

Kris seemed to particularly enjoy Cathy Guthrie and Amy Nelson’s witty Folk Uke performance, despite their insistence on pointing out how often they “mess up”. Eventually the crowd looked forward to these instances and broke out into a cheer for the gals when they had one of these brief but charming interruptions.

The reflectacles blew the spectacles off the crowd with their original music and engaging performance, so when Willie showed up with a new hairdo, it was not the highlight of the evening.

Regards, Shelly

Thanks, Shelly, for the stories and the pictures.

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