The Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute

artist: Kami Lerner

Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute  at invites all individuals, network members, community representatives, and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) spokespersons throughout the world to submit press releases about their methods of promoting a peaceful world through thoughts, words and deeds.

Topics Close To The Heart of Willie Nelson

  • ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • sending no more troops overseas
  • bringing everyone home
  • pulling our troops from all foreign countries that do not want us there
  • putting our troops on the Mexican and Canadian borders to stop drug crimes
  • helping Family Farmers achieve parity pricing for their produce
  • legalizing marijuana
  • taxing and regulating marijuana like whiskey, beer and tobacco
  • legalizing hemp

Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute encourages diverse points of view on topics in a number of areas as long as they all obviously contribute to a more peaceful world.   Highly opinionated judgmental criticism without a suggestion or clue for positive change may not seem appropriate. While specific criticism may be deserved in the context of communicating certain grievances suggestions for positive policy changes will always be welcome and appreciated.

Press Release Submission Guidelines

  1. Make initial contact through the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute Contact Form. Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute will reply.
  2. Attach your press release as a text document to your reply email.
  3. Do not paste press release in the body of your reply email.
  4. Press release length: Minimum 300 words, maximum 3,000 words.
  5. Use 12 Point font Times New Roman Regular
  6. Do not use CAP LOCK. Capitalize the first letter of words if you wish. CAP LOCK makes it harder to read. Anything submitted all caps will be discarded without reading.
  7. Use a single space after sentences. Anything submitted with double spaces will be discarded without further consideration.
  8. Use consistent style throughout press release.
  9. All abbreviations and acronyms must be defined when you first use them.
  10. You may request links with your press release.
  11. Check all links before sending. Do Not include dead or under construction links.
  12. You may attach a single image 500 pixels wide.

These general guidelines represent no guarantee of acceptance of any specific press release for publication by Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute.

Although it is not our policy, Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute reserves the right to ignore any submission with no explanations.

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