Toby Keith Writes Screenplay, Whiskey For My Men; Beer for My Horses


May 1, 2007 — Although Toby Keith is enjoying his Top 5 hit “High Maintenance Woman” from his upcoming album Big Dog Daddy, The Tennessean reports that he’s not solely focused on his music.

Toby caught the acting bug while filming the lead role in last year’s Broken Bridges, so he’s now avidly pursuing acting and screenwriting. He just completed writing the screenplay for Beer for My Horses, based on his No. 1 duet with Willie Nelson, and filming for that may start as early as this year. Toby says he hopes to make a movie every 18 months and wants to release the affiliated soundtracks on his label, Show Dog Nashville.

“I just had a big-time, major-league movie offered over the phone,” he says. “They are sending it to me, and I’m going to read it. It’s a very secret piece. They won’t give me any information on it. It’s a monster director, major-league producer, big high-profile piece that is going to be very talked about. The people they told me they’re getting in it would make this movie an automatic must-see whether it’s good or not.”

Toby says he gave his word that he wouldn’t leak anything about the film. “If I read the script and I don’t like it, I’ll shred it or send it back to them,” he says. Toby was in Nashville last week filming the video that will be shown at the beginning of his concerts. It features Larry the Cable Guy, at least one guy flying through the air and lots of people wearing leather.

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