Turk Pipkin Talks About Willie Nelson

The Time of the Teacher

My name is Turk Pipkin, and I’d known Willie Nelson twenty years before I realized how much I’d learned form him – two decades before I realized that without his even trying, he’d been showing me the way all along.  For me, Willie has been that rarest of people – a teacher.

There was a time, of course, when Willie was a student like the rest of us.  But I think that somewhere along the way, he found himself on a higher path, so to speak.  The Tao of Willie is a stroll along that path with a Texas boy who was born with an old soul and whose heart seems to grow younger with each passing year…

Perhaps the best I can say of Willie Hugh Nelson is that no one I know has laughed harder or loved life more.

And if you really want to learn something, what could be better than how to laugh and love.

The Tao of Willie:  A Guide to the Happiness in Your Heart
by Willie Nelson, with Turk Pipkin

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