Vote Early! Vote Often! #WillieNelsonforPresident #campaignsong



Willie Nelson launched his run for President  with the most honest campaign slogan by a candidate ever:

“Remember, we’re not happy ’till you’re not happy.”

With a sure-to-win motto:

“Vote early; vote often”

He has released more from his political platform:

“If I’m elected I will abolish crime .  I will make everything legal”

The famous song writer has penned his new theme song for his campaign, too:

The Monkey’s Dead (Turn the Crank):

The monkeys dead, the show is over, the town is fixed, the mayor’s queer
Turn the crank
And they are putting all their money in our bank so we should all stand around holding hands giving thanks
The monkey’ s Dead, The show is over, the town is fixed, the mayors queer
Turn the crank


2 Responses to “Vote Early! Vote Often! #WillieNelsonforPresident #campaignsong”

  1. Mary Greiman says:

    Has my vote! Like is way of thinking!

  2. Carrie Foster says:

    Willie I will always always remember the first time I saw you sing in a nightclub in Round Rock back in the 1970’s !!! I loved you then I still love you !!! Can you pleases help us stop horse slaughter ? I have adopted 10 and am at capacity. My latest are 2 paint mares with one beautiful stud paint colt . I work for US PS as a rural mail carrier and have for 20 years ! I love you Willie

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