Watch Willie Nelson in ‘Stagecoach’ Movie this week on television


CMT will air the movie, Stagecoach on Tuesday, July 27, 2010, at 10 p.m.  The movie stars Willie Nelson, and his Highwaymen buddies,  Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings.  Great soundtrack, lots of Trigger playing throughout.  Willie sings the title song, which he wrote with David Alan Coe, who also is in the movie, along with June Carter and other faces you will recognize.

Willie Nelson plays Doc Holiday.  The movie has some of the best/worst movie lines ever:

Willie:  “Is that the deck you play with?”

Waylon:  “One of them.”

Willie:  “May I see it, please?  I must say, I admire your guts.”

Waylon:  “Does that mean you wouldn’t play cards with me?”

Willie:  “That means I’d shoot you on sight.”

Kris:  Where ya headed?

Dallas:  “I knew the answer to that when I was about 14.  Then I hit 15 and I ran head onto  that thing called reality.  And I been walking with a lantern ever since.”

Waylon:  “Don’t light that.”

Willie:  “Did you say something?”

Waylon:  “A gentleman doesn’t smoke in  the presence of a lady”

Willie:  “I wouldn’t like to think that you are implying that I am anything less.  I may be, you  understand, but I just wouldn’t want to hear you say it.”

Willie:  “And what are you looking at, friend?”

Man:  “That’s a filthy habit, smoking, just filthy.”

Willie:  “I have a lot of filthy habits.  Most of them I find very enjoyable”

Man:  “Don’t you have any good habits.”

Willie:  “You mean something that can be admired, and held up to a child as a good example?”

Man:  “Yes, something like that.”

Willie:  “No sir.  Children despise that.  There’s nothing a child despises more than a good example.”


June Carter to Willie (when he drinks a shot of whiskey):  “Did you eat?”

Willie:  “I ate a lot when I was young.”

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