“We have the right to know about GMOs” — Farm Aid


A national GMO labeling law was signed into law last year. Nicknamed the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act, the law is deeply flawed. But we can still make sure that GMO labeling is available to all Americans.

USDA is crafting the first national GMO labeling system. Critical decisions rest in the USDA’s hands, including how to define GMOs and how GMO ingredients will be disclosed. That’s why we need you to Take Action with Farm Aid.

Major food companies are already pressuring USDA to create special loopholes, convoluted labeling schemes and other ways to undermine Americans’ right to know what’s in our food. We can’t let them get away with it.

Now’s our chance to influence these rules before the deadline on July 17. Add your name to our petition and protect our Right to Know.

Petition Text
Dear Secretary Perdue,We, the undersigned farmers and eaters, believe transparency is fundamental to our democracy and indispensable to a fair and competitive marketplace.  Food is no different. When it comes to GMOs, we want to know what’s in our food and how it is grown.

After many years of debate, a national GMO disclosure bill was signed into law last year. The USDA must ensure that this new law upholds Americans’ right to know what’s in their food, with information accessible for everyone. USDA must require food companies to:

1) Disclose all GMOs. All GMO foods must carry GMO labels. In addition, all foods containing GMO ingredients (such as refined sugars and oils), and foods with ingredients derived from all forms of genetic engineering (like CRISPR and RNAi) must carry GMO labels.

2) Ingredient-by-Ingredient Disclosures: GMO foods should be labeled on an ingredient-by-ingredient basis so that consumers know exactly which ingredients are produced with genetic engineering.

3) Rules for Digital Options: Some food companies may try to hide behind QR codes. The USDA rules must ensure that codes are easy to scan and that they work every time. The USDA must require that retailers provide scanners to accommodate consumers who do not have smartphones.

4) No More Delays: Americans have waited long enough for GMO labeling. The USDA should ensure that they meet the two-year deadline and draft rules by July 2018.

We are counting on the USDA as it implements the new GMO labeling law to protect Americans’ right to know what’s in their food, and to access the information they desire about GMOs in the simplest, clearest and most equitable manner possible.


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