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September 8, 2010

Why no Texas Flag at Willie Nelson’s Red Rocks Show?

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 Willie Nelson & Family, in front of the Texas Flag

If you’ve been to a Willie Nelson & Family show (and if you haven’t go as soon as you can; it will change your life), you are familiar with the giant Texas flag that unfurls behind the band.  There was no flag at the Red Rocks show last Sunday, and fans familiar with the flag wondered why.

No, it’s not out of deference to the great state of Colorado and our flag.    Budrock “the Illuminator” Prewitt, Lighting Director for Willie Nelson and Family answered the question:

“Due to wind gusts up there, most times we fight it.  Last time we even had to take it down during the show.  It was a big distraction so I just decided to light the rocks with some random color.  Did not even hang it.  I liked the look.
It’s not very hard for anyone to tell where the pictures from Sunday were shot.”
— Budrock.


Here is a video of the ’08 show, and the wind and the flag:

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