Why Willie


In a world that is crying for some honesty, it’s no wonder that Willie Nelson has captured the hearts of music lovers everywhere. The songs that Willie writes or chooses to sing are pure emotional truth, stripped of fancy embellishment.

Granted, it takes some people more time than others to get used to the stark quality of Willie’s style. But like other true originals (Bob Dylan, Jackson Brown) once Willie’s in your blood, he’s there to stay.

If you’ve never really listened to Willie Nelson, the best place to start is ‘Red Headed Stranger,’ the album that turned more people on to Willie than anything else he’s done.

Also highly recommended is the brand new, ‘To Lefty, From Willie’ album. It’s a tribute to Lefty Frizzell, one of Willie’s idols, and one of the most influential country vocalist/songwriters of all time.

Why Willie? Who else communicates this much honesty and beauty.

Willie Nelson, on Lone Star/Columbia Records and Tapes.

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