Willie and Annie Nelson to Received Camp Casey Peace Award

The Camp Casey Peace Institute has announced recipients of their Camp Casey Peace Awards, to be honored on April 5, 2007, in Austin.

“Their passion for Peace has helped to make the Camp Casey Peace movement a force to be reckoned with.”

Willie and Annie Nelson Willie and Annie have been in the forefront of developing and promoting the use of Bio Diesel fuel. They combined their enviromental concerns with Camp Casey and the Peace movment over the summer by donating a BioDiesel Generator and fuel to keep it running to Camp Casey.

Jodie Evans and CODE PINK.  Jodie and CODEPINK were amongst the first to come to the rescue when Cindy began her vigil. Cindy has said many times that she would’ve hopped the first train out of Crawford if Jodie and CODEPINK had not arrived when they had. Jodies Bio.

Ann Wright and the Veterans for Peace Ann marched with us down Prairie Chapel road on day one and has been with us ever since. Ann is our Commandant and Camp Casey is for ever greatful for her gentle leadership. Read Anns Americans who tell the truth bio. 

The Crawford Peace House The Crawford Peace House, Johnny Wolf, Hadi Jawad and Kay Lucas have been supporters of Camp Casey since the first day we walked down Prairie Chapel Road into history. A major part of Camp Casey’s success is owed to The CPH.

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