Willie and Annie Nelson at SeQuential Pacific biodiesel plant (8/29/08)

“Thank you Salem, thank you Oregon for being so forward and progressive in your thinking and showing the rest of the world, the rest of the United States, how to do it. You made bio-diesel mandatory in the trucks going across the highways in oregon. You did a lot for everybody else across the rest of the country.”

Thanks to www.jeffmerkley.com for these pictures of Willie and Annie Nelson taken Friday at ribbon cutting for expansion of the SeQuential Pacific biodiesel facility.

Willie and Annie Nelson, Oregon Senate candidate Jeff Merkley, and others.

Willie Nelson and Jeff Merkley

Country singer and bio-fuels advocate Willie Nelson joined Oregon Senate candidate Jeff Merkley in celebrating the opening of the new bio-diesel plant in Oregon. It was amazing the see the size of the new plant, to learn about their efforts to make fuel from local products and of course….to see Willie Nelson! More below the fold….

SeQuential Pacific is the first commercial bio-diesel production plant in Oregon. The plant’s production of 5 million gallons of bio-diesel will trigger a new Oregon law requiring that 2% of diesel fuel in Oregon must be bio-diesel. SeQuential Pacific made sure to let folks know that their fuel should not be confused with corn ethanol.

SeQuential acquires local feedstock, cooking oil from local companies like Kettle Foods and Burgerville to make their fuel. They not only stress using local products to make their fuel, they also keep their carbon footprint small by using products within a 200 mile radius.

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