Willie Nelson and Epiphone

Kevin Smith, Albert Besteiro


The best thing to happen to country music since Hank Williams was — and is — no doubt Willie Nelson.  And now Epiphone is along for the ride, too.  

Check out the cool photo of Nelson bassist Kevin Smith and pal Albert Besteiro from Del Castillo with their Epiphone Jack Casady basses!  The best bass ever?  That’s what the pro’s say. From Hot Tuna to Paul McCartney to the Stone Roses, the Epiphone Jack Casady is the axe for the serious bassist.

But if you’re not sure if the rock and roll life is for you, read Willie’s new memoir, Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die, for sage advice on jams, jokes, and (music) joints.

2 Responses to “Willie Nelson and Epiphone”

  1. RUFF66 says:

    Jack is the best.

  2. Niwrehs says:

    it depends on what kind of music you like if you are in to rock the fynilg V is always a show stopper. My personal favorite is the Gibson thunderbird. i am a bassist and the thunderbird bass is extremely light so i would say that their regular guitar would be fairly light as well. If you want people to take notice of what you are playing you could always get just a regular righty guitar and take it to a music store and they can set it up lefty for you. THat always looks neat kinda like the whole jimmy thing.References :

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