Willie Nelson and Family, Cedar Falls, Iowa (April 10, 2013)



Thank you so much to Barb Coakley for sharing her photos from the Willie Nelson and Family show in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  In this picture, Willie Nelson is wearing the hat the Barbara tossed up to him on stage.  I have to ask if she got the hat back.






Love to see Willie and his fans. Good job, Barbara, getting up to the stage after the show.


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  1. tom carroll says:

    I was at the same concert. Waited a lifetime to see Willie. Fantastic. Wondering if Barbara has a wide angle shot of the picture of Willie Signing the poster. I was standing right there and wondering if I might be in the same picture if it has a wider view. I’m assumiong most of these pics were cropped because they are very goo0d.

  2. Barb says:

    Yes, it was a fantastic concert! Glad you could be there too. I looked at my original photo of the shot you are referring to and it is the exact same photo as the one posted on this site. Nothing was cropped. Sorry I didn’t get you in the photo. Thank you for the compliment on the pics.

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