Willie Nelson and Johnny Bush record Whiskey River

This album released in 2004 marks the first time that Willie Nelson and Johnny Bush recorded, “Whiskey River,” together.

  1. What Made Milwaukee Famous
  2. Leave My Mama Out Of This 
  3. Ol’ What’s Her Name (w/ Kevin Fowler) 
  4. Tonight Her Memory’s Raisin’ Hell  
  5. Jones On The Jukebox (w/ Tommy Alverson)  
  6. The Door  
  7. I’ll Be There  
  8. Some People Just Get Lucky (w/ Stephanie Jones)  
  9. Puttin’ Out An Old Flame  
  10. Each Time  
  11. Did We Have To Come This Far  
  12. I Gotta Get Drunk (w/ Cooder Graw & Willie Nelson)  
  13. Whiskey River (w/ Willie Nelson) 

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