Willie Nelson and Louis L’Amour


Willie Nelson — My favorite Louis L’Amour Stories:  Willie Nelson, the greatest country singer of all time.  Louis L’Amour, the greatest western writer of all time.  Willie Nelson and Louis L’Amour, together for the first itme — on this extraordinary spoken-word audio program.

Dutchman’s Flat, a fully-dramatized production with special western sound-effects, you’ll join a posse that’s hot on the trail of a cowboy believed to have killed a man in cold blud. With his authentic knowledge of human character and the harsh environment of the old west, L’Amour skillfully weaves this tale to its surprising conclusions.

Black Rock Coffin-Makers;  a case of mistaken identity, a financial dispute, a battle for a beautiful woman and, of course, the trademark no-holds-barred shoot-out, present L’Amour at his best.

Willie Nelson — More of My Favorite Louis L’Amour Stories

Riding for the Brand — The Highwaymen:  Starring Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings.  Join a heart-stopping cast of Country Western immortals in this fully dramatized production based of Louis L’Amour’s classic take of honor, deceit and passion.  Willie Nelson narrates the gripping story of Jed Asbury and tony brilliantly played by kristofferson and cash as they battle to save the honor of the casa grande Ranch and its rightful owner, the lovely carol Arden.  Waylon Jennings adds his unique charisma as harry strykes, sidekick to the conniving walt Seever.

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