Willie Nelson and Marijohn Wilkin



Marijohn Wilkin
bonr Marijohn Melson – Kemp, Texas
(7/20/1920 – 10/28/2006)

Texas born minstrel Marijohn Wilkin was well qualified to write about the storms of life that fuelled her numerous hits in a career spanning six decades.The seasoned songsmith clocked up four marriages and three divorces after losing her first husband in World War II.  

But equally importantly the singer was one of the first successful female publishers and songwriters in the male dominated domain.So, it was no surprise she helped nurture the embryonic career of Rhodes Scholar Kris Kristofferson when he lobbed in Music City in the sixties. By the early 1970s her publishing company Buckhorn was booming but Wilkin was deeply troubled.  Substance abuse, marital problems, deaths of her mother and business partner Hubert Long and two suicide attempts aggravated her prolonged depression. 

But, like one of her songs, there was a timely spiritual re-awakening in the prayer that morphed into her oft-recorded hit One Day At A Time.  After Kristofferson helped her finish the song it became a hit for Marilyn Sellers in 1974. One Day At A Time won a 1975 Dove Award from the Gospel Music Association and became a #1 country hit for Cristy Lane in 1980.

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