Willie Nelson and other activists featured in BuddhaFest Webcast (Nov 1 – until the polls close)

BuddhaFest Webcast Rallies California Voters to Blaze A Trail To The Polls!

Willie Nelson, Melissa Etheridge, Danny Glover, Gov. Gary Johnson, Faith Evans, & Other Activists in BuddhaFest Webcast to Raise Cannabis Awareness Before Vote on California Prop 19

LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwire – October 29, 2010) –   In an unprecedented virtual Voter Participation Drive, viewers will be able to subscribe from now until the closing of California polls on November 2, 2010 (approx 8pm PDT) to view the edited 4 Hour 20 Minute BuddhaFest Webcast! Interested persons worldwide can sign up to be a part of history at http://www.BuddhaFest.com

International viewers who missed the Live Stream of the epic 1st Annual BuddhaFest held on October 23, will be able to catch the Live Performances by Faith Evans, Shinehead, Golden Buddha, Los Marijuanos, Total Devastation, Leon Mobley & Blackbird Buddha’s All Star Jam, and the surprise performance by Willie Nelson with Insects vs. Robots when it is re-broadcast online from 4:19am PDT on November 1st as California Voters are encouraged to “Blaze A Trail To The Polls!” until they close November 2nd! Viewers around the globe can subscribe to the edutaining webcast for $4.20 (U.S.) and be a part of the Viral Evolution, with 100% of the profits going to various 501c3 organizations and social action campaigns designed to awaken Cannabis Awareness.

The 4 hour 20 minute long BuddhaFest Webcast is presented by The Brookturn Co. in Association With THC Expose & Stoner Generation, and is being produced & directed by Filmmaker, Melissa Balin (co-director of Shepard Fairey’s Vote For Change Video Postcard Campaign & Jack Herer’s “Emperor Wears No Clothes” doc) with the support of Co-Producers Brian Roberts, Teo Castro, A.D. Ross, and Marc Blackbird; and Associate Producers Mary Patton, MedMike, Bret Bogue, Henry Eshelman, and Stephanie Bishop. This “Blaze A Trail To The Polls!” Social Action Campaign will feature exclusive segments from the BuddhaFest Pre-Event Press Conference on October 21 at Ivan Kane’s Cafe Was, where Melissa Etheridge, Danny Glover, Hal Sparks, former LAPD Deputy Chief of Police Stephen Downing, and former Governor Gary Johnson, discussed Prop 19; Jack Herer Award Nominees & Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients including B-Real, Woody Harrelson, Cheech & Chong, High Times’ Steven Hager, & the late Michelle Rainey; relevant social action campaigns; and never-before-seen footage from the upcoming Jack Herer’s “Emperor Wears No Clothes” documentary; with BuddhaFest Webcast content aimed to raise Cannabis Awareness leading up to the historic vote!

Filmmaker Balin says, “However they vote, I just hope this Special BuddhaFest Webcast drives people to the polls on Tuesday in significant numbers. Awareness of the Many Values of Cannabis is an important cause to me personally and I was excited at this opportunity to team up with THC Expose Magazine and Bandome.com to share the recent BuddhaFest gathering with millions of people worldwide in this unprecedented effort to drive Voter Participation.” 

Sponsors: THC Expose, Stoner Generation, Jack Herer Awards, Bandome.com, YesUCannabis.com, Sheldon Black, and Hemp Can Save The Planet


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