Willie Nelson and sons charm at Global Green USA pre-oscar party

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photo:  Liz Kelly


Willie Nelson attended Global Green USA’s 10th Annual Pre-Oscar Party at the Avalon in Hollywood, CA on Feb 20, 2013.
Photo:  Liz Kelly

Stars rallied at Global Green USA’s 10th Annual Pre-Oscar® Party last night in Hollywood at the Avalon where Willie Nelson charmed everyone. To take you there, we captured green carpet interviews and photos of Willie Nelson, Emmy Rossum (“Shameless”), Best Actress Nominee Helen Hunt (“The Sessions”), Luke Perry (“90210”), D.W. Moffett (“Switched at Birth”), Ed Begley Jr. (“Easy to Assemble”) and his wife Rachel Carson (“Boston Legal”), Peter Mensah (“True Blood”), and more. This eco-event included a VIP cocktail reception, Patron dinner and musical performances by Willie Nelson and his sons, Micah and Lukas.

photo:  Liz Kelly

As a true legend and gentleman, Willie Nelson shook every reporter’s hand on the green carpet. His support for green goes way back, and he was the guest of honor in many ways. When asked about his green initiatives, he shared, “We’ve been doing Farm Aid now for 28 years so we try to take care of the farmer because he is our most important guy out there. He grows mine and your food so we should take care of him.” On a community level, Willie added, “We try to buy local, sustainable things and encourage others to do that.”

When asked about what brought him to the event, Willie shared, “Me and the guys love playing music anywhere, but this is a great cause and it’s a benefit for a lot of good people so we’re glad to be here.” And the crowds cheered when he took the stage with Micah and Lukas in the band called “Willie Nelson and Family.” When reflecting on the power of music, Willie shared these thoughts on the green carpet, “Music is healthy. Playing music, listening to music is healthy. People come to hear music so they can clap their hands and sing. I think singing is healthy.”

photo:  Liz Kelly

And this party was all about the urgent need to create a healthier world with green initiatives. When we spoke to Luke Perry, he confessed, “I’m afraid environmentally about what’s going on with the planet. I’m very concerned, and so I wanted to come and see what education I can get from these guys about how I can do better.” Luke is looking into buying a hybrid car, and told us, “I haven’t had one before, but I came her tonight in a Chevy Volt and it was cool. So it could happen.” Chevy Volt was the featured automotive sponsor of the event, and there was a red hybrid displayed at the entrance of the Avalon.

Global Green is doing several initiatives to educate youth on how to be green. ABC Family star D.W. Moffett discussed how Matt Petersen’s son (Global Green Event Co-Founder) is a good friend of his son, which drew his attention to Global Green. D.W. observed, “I’m loving what he’s doing with the school initiative where he’s having schools compete to see who can be the most green. It’s very clever, getting the kids compete to learn about sustainability through a competition.” Education is the key to green.

And the star power behind Global Green and green initiatives is very strong. D.W. Moffett observed, “I’m very impressed not only with what they do, but how they’ve taken advantage of the focus that the movie business can bring to topics.”

Dawn Olivieri (“House of Lies”), who supports the Sandy and Haiti green initiatives, shared how she is focused on preventing plastic pollution that is prevalent with fast food. She stressed the need for everyone to give up what they can, including straws and plastic cups. Jane Graves, Founder of Ladybug Jane, also shared how her flavored organic vegan lip-gloss is now in Whole Foods. She is currently acting, modeling and working on movies.

When we spoke to Sebastian Copeland (Global Green Event Co-Founder, Director, Writer, Producer, Author and Environmentalist), we asked him about the documentary “Chasing Ice.” As a big supporter of James Balog, National Geographic photographer who traveled across the Arctic deploying time-lapse cameras designed to capture a multi-year record of the world’s changing glaciers in this film, he said there is undeniable evidence that our planet is changing, and we need for everyone to take more green initiative.

The event proceeds went to help fund Global Green USA’s Solar for Sandy Initiative to deliver solar back-up systems to neighborhoods devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Solar On Set displayed their solar cell phone chargers in the lobby that studios are using to charge multiple phones from one unit. They are solar powered with zero emissions and no noise pollution. After going to SXSW last year where the most popular sponsor was AT&T for their phone charging booths, the digital entertainment gurus visiting Austin would love this Solar Charging Station.

Many thanks to all the stars who rallied around Global Green last night, the sponsors (including H&M Conscious for sustainable fashion), Meriam Bouarrouj (fellow Examiner who helped me with these interviews on the green carpet), and big shout out to Sebastian Copeland and Matt Petersen for co-founding this event. Follow all the updates @GlobalGreen, and think of little things that you can do in your daily routine to go green!

photo:  Liz Kelly

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