Willie Nelson and the Offenders

Willie Nelson formed a band with Johnny Bush, David Zettner, and Jimmy Day in 1966, and it was called The Offenders.  The name was later changed to The Record Men.  Thirty years later, the original Offenders got together again and recorded a reunion album.  

Willie Nelson, on guitar and vocals
Jimmy Day, on steel guitar
Johnny Bush, vocals and guitar 
David Zettner, bass

On-hand to lend support were Kimmie Rhodes, fiddler Johnny Gimble, and pianist Floyd Domino.

  1. Can’t Get The Hell Out Of Texas
  2. Linda On My Mind
  3. I’m So Ashamed
  4. Daybreak
  5. Walk Me To The Door
  6. Sleepwalk
  7. Are You Sure This Is Where You Want To Be
  8. She’s Not For You-
  9. I Know I Love You
  10. There She Goes
  11. Hey Good Lookin’
  12. Rainy Day Blues

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