Willie Nelson and Hopalong Cassidy, by Dan Spiegle

Thanks to friend and Willie Nelson fan Stewart Patton, from Colorado, for sharing this picture, and story:

“I had an old comic artist draw this for me. He’s 93 and did the original Hopalong Cassidy newspaper strip back in the 50’s. His name is Dan Spiegle. I think it’s pretty darn cool.”   — Stewart Patton

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  1. Susie Coffman says:


    My name is Susie Coffman and I felt compelled to write you after seeing this drawing. We share an admiration for Willie Nelson, but I also am an admirer of William Boyd who of course portrayed Hopalong Cassidy and I am also an admirer of Mr. Spiegle’s artistry when it comes to Hoppy. I was searching the Internet one night for some images of Hoppy and this popped up. What a fantastic drawing of those two men and how lucky to have an original Dan Spiegle drawing. I write short stories and poems as a hobby, and when I saw this drawing all I could think of is how Hoppy could have been Willie’s inspiration to write his great song, “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys, so I wrote a poem to go along with the drawing. I put it on some card stock, using the drawing as a background. I would love to let you see it if you like, and please know I do this for my own enjoyment and that of my Hoppy friends. I am not in any way, shape, or form selling these. I know enough about copyright infringement, not to do that. I hope to send one to Mr. Spiegle as well. I have a friend who runs our Hopalong Cassidy Festival in Cambridge, Ohio and she knows him personally. I just thought you might like to read my poem that was inspired by your very neat drawing. Take care, Susie Coffman, Erie, PA 4/14/2013

  2. LindaLee says:

    Susie, thank you so much. I grew up a fan of Hopalong Cassidy, and when my friend Stuart send me that picture, I loved it. stuart is an artist/ art collector in Denver, and I am going to forward you message to him, too, as he knows the artist who did the picture that I posted. I had no idea there was a Hopalong Cassidy Festival. I love that.

    Thanks again, and I would love to see your card, read your poem. If you could scan and send a picture, that would be fantastic. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

    Best, Linda

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