Willie Nelson art, by Steve Brooks


“In September of 1979, Mr. & Mrs. Willie Nelson commissioned me to paint a tipi at their home in Colorado.  Since my introduction to Willie in 1973, I have had the opportunity to create numerous artistic designs and projects for him, yet this experience was my most unique.  For the next two weeks, I was able to participate in a very personal and private atmosphere that Willie and his family have here.  With this inspiration, I have tried to capture the spirit that is in “Willie Blue Skies. ”

In the foothills of Mt. Evans, at about 8,000 ft., the tipi sits hidden between two parallel rock stratus.  The tipi stands 27 feet tall, with a 60 foot diamater.   Connected in this order:  Wolf, Elk, Eagle, Moose, Steer.  There are five animal totems painted with latex on the outside.”

— Steve Brooks

2 Responses to “Willie Nelson art, by Steve Brooks”

  1. Esther and Fred Hodge says:

    We are really proud of most of your paintings…. this one exceptionally well liked…. great job, Steve. I think we still have one here, belonging to Gordon. Sandy had his framed and was looking good last time I saw it.

  2. Lynn says:

    I have this painting. Signed by Willie Nelson in marker abd Steve Brooks in pencil with a copyright symbol behind it. Can anyone tell me more about this symbol? Is this an artist proof? Original?

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