Willie Nelson, Austin, TX (1/26/1996)


Photo:  Kevin Virobik-Adams

Willie Nelson played to sold out crowd at the Hang ‘Em High Saloon on Sixth Street, in Austin, Texas on January 26, 1996. Bruce Springsteen and Joe Ely joined him on his bus after the show.

4 Responses to “Willie Nelson, Austin, TX (1/26/1996)”

  1. Growing up in Texas I was exposed to Willie early in life. The sound of his voice will always stick with me. I do regret never going to see him live. In a way its funny I never cared for country music but Willie was an exception to the rule.

  2. LindaLee says:

    Still time to see him! You will have a great time. Like your website name.

  3. lisa says:

    Whoa do I have memories of this night!

  4. Jana says:

    my recollection of that nigh is spotty. i do remember the ambulance, though.

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