Willie Nelson Doll Goes Green

The Willie Nelson doll in Casper, WY

Last week I said to my Willie Nelson doll, “Hey, are you getting excited?  Willie’s coming back to Colorado!”

“Where’s he playing?” he asked.

“He’s playing up in Casper, then in Denver, and at Red Rocks, up in Morrison.”

“How we gettin’ there?” he asked.

“We get to drive,” I responded.  “That’s the great thing, we don’t have to fly down to Texas or anywhere.  You know how you hate to fly.”

“Well, what are we driving?  Did you get that Prius?”

“No, not yet. I’m waiting for the price to drop a little.  A lot, actually.”

 “Well, what about a car that runs on biodiesel?”

“No, no not yet.  My next car will though!”  “We’re taking my car,” I said, impatience growing, as he refused to join in my excitement.  “Hey, we get to see Willie next week!”

“Well, I’m not riding in that gas guzzler to Casper.”

“It’s so big and comfortable, though. You know how you like to stretch out! Okay, we can take the truck,” I said, trying to move on. 

“That ragged ole’ truck won’t make it to Wyoming.  I’m not riding in anything fueled on petroleum based fuels this year.”

“Well, I’m driving,” I said, “See you in Casper!”

So, Willie Nelson Doll met up with some like-minded extreme Green people going to the concert, and travelled up to Casper with them.

Here, they cross the Platte River

It took them a few days; they camped on the way.

They brought what they ate with them.  Their goat gave them milk.

The Willie Nelson Doll at Invesco Field.

He gets there early, for a good seat for the show.

I couldn’t do it his way, but I admire him for sticking to his convictions!

2 Responses to “Willie Nelson Doll Goes Green”

  1. sweetheart says:

    Good for Willie Doll, but it does take some sacrifice, doesn’t it?

  2. LindaLee says:

    Yeah, Alice.

    It’s harder to go green than you think!

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