Willie Nelson ends his show with birthday love for Budrock

Budrock, Lighting Director for Willie Nelson and Family, celebrated his sixty-fifth birthday at a Willie Nelson and Family Show. I asked him how many birthdays he has worked on his birthday at a WN&F show in all the decades he has worked for Willie, and he told me, “Most of them”.


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On Saturday night, just as Willie was saying goodnight to the crowd, and thanking us, (yeah, him thanking us — crazy, right?), Willie’s daughter Amy scurried¬†up beside her dad and whispered in his ear. Then, just as the band was getting ready to play that lively music they play when Willie walks off the stage, Willie puts his hands in the air and says, “Wait, wait, Stop!” ¬†And he said he just got reminded it was Budrock’s birthday, and then he led everyone in a sing along. It was pretty sweet.


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