Willie Nelson & Family and Friends New Year’s Eve Celebration in Austin continued last night

Thanks again to Jenny from Oklahoma, for sharing her great reviews of the Willie Nelson & Family New Year’s Eve Celebration going on in Austin this weekend.  What a great way to end one year and begin another!

Terry and Jenny, in Austin


  1. Second night at ACL is over.The cold front is starting to move thru and the theater got colder as the night progressed, but it didn’t matter. Micah, Lukas, POTR, Willie, & Jamey had the crowd rockin’ again! Micah’s set was reminiscent of a cross of a young Bob Dylan & Young Neil Young. His songs are so poetic in nature and his skills on every instrument he plays are just amazing. I’ve throughly enjoyed watching this young man grow as a musician an I’m thrilled I caught some shows early on! POTR gets better every time we see them! The addition of Jesse on steel guitar adds an additional emotional quality to the songs. Tato throughly enjoys what he is doing and he take you along for the ride. Anthony is the glue that holds everyone together and I know I’ve said it a hundred times, but I’ve never seen a better drummer – ever! John is filling in wonderfully for Corey (but we miss Corey!). Love the mix of old and new tunes POTR has been playing, and Lukas’ tributes to Tom Petty have brought down the house both nights! Mom said she’d like to see Willie try on Lukas’ Tom Petty hat ?. I’m fully expecting POTR’s star to rise even higher in the years to come. (We can say we saw them back when…).Willie’s set was stronger than ever…from Whiskey River to I Saw The Light, Willie is the ultimate showman. He threw in Always On My Mind and the collective gasp from the audience was something I’ll never forget! If you’ve made it this far in my post, I’ll leave you by saying I love live music & I always love these shows! Following POTR, IvR, & Willie has taken me on some great adventures and I’m forever grateful.

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