Willie Nelson & Family at Ravania, in Highland Park, IL last night

Thanks so much to Willie Nelson fan and music lover Paul Martell, for sharing pictures from the WN&F show at Ravinia, in Highland Park, Illinois last night. Paul is one of those many fans (Janis Tillerson and everyone you know who you are), who share their photos from shows they go to. All us fans who weren’t there appreciate when someone takes pictures, then goes home and uploads them and sends them to me to share.


I just wanted to share a few pictures and a quick note about Willie’s and Lukas’s performances at Ravinia in Highland Park Illinois last night. This was my 46th concert following Willie and I am looking forward to #47 – July 9th at the Outlaw Festival in Milwaukee at the Summerfest grounds.

Lukas and the Promise of the Real opened up with a very energetic set. Some new songs from last I had heard from him as well as a few new members. A keyboard and the steel guitar. Really set the stage for dad.

Willie’s show was great as well. He was highly energized from start to finish and looked very healthy, happy and on top of his game. With the usual tossing of bandanas into the crowd during and after the show, making many fans ecstatic. But to top it off, one lucky fan received his hat, as at the end of the show as he was to walk off stage, he grabbed his hat, held it out and threw it into the center seats. Someone in row 4 or 5 went home flying high. Above the rest of us.

Great show.


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  1. Mary Danforth says:

    Met your Dad at the Frontier Club in Corpus Christi in 1962-63 when I was 22. Followed him for years. Still am, just not bodily. Love him dearly ! Glad to see you follow in his footsteps.

  2. Wonderful Photos! So disappointed that Willie and Family was rained out by the terrible storm in Kansas City! Sure hoping that you all can work us back into your schedule to come again!! AND Would love it if son Lukas were to open for him here!! Thanks for sharing the pics! They all look great! And Willie is, and always will be a TRUE LEGEND!

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