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I just renewed my membership to the Willie Nelson Fan Club, and got this cool key chain,  a letter opener, and reusable shopping bag.    Dandy, from Pennsylvania, has been maintaining Willie’s fan club for years, with newsletter assistance from Andrea.  Joining the Willie Nelson Fan Club is one of the best deals out there.   For $20.00 you get a fanclub laminate, bumper sticker, Fan Club Pin, Willie Nelson guitar pick, and much more.  And every year when you renew, you get another surprise in the mail.  In years past I got a little flashlight, a cool mouse pad that I use at work, note pads, and other goodies.  Around Christmas and Hannuka time, Dandy sends out a holiday calendar.  

Best of all,  is the quarterly newsletter:  “Willie’s World”, the official newsletter of the International Willie Nelson Fan Club, which comes with your subscription.   I know with the internet, we can learn about Willie’s tours and his activities immediately.    But it’s so fun to open up my mail box and find “Willie’s World” full of news about Willie, his fans, his projects, movies, books, new cd releases. 

Here’s the address, if you want to join up.  Just send your check for $20.00 to:

Willie Nelson Fan Club
P. O. Box 7104
Lancaster, PA 17904-7104

10 Responses to “Willie Nelson Fan Club”

  1. beanie says:

    My renewal is soon. Way cool!!!

  2. Dandy: Great seeing you at Penn’s Peak with Willie. The phone number you gave me seems to just run into a machine. Can you e-me please as I’d like to have lunch with you in the Pocs and also get a copies of the Photos of the Penn’s Peak owner. I’m at 615.419.9989 and my office is in the Water Gap across from the Deer Head Inn. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas.
    Most sincerely, PLEASE contact me…..
    Jim Della Croce
    jim@thepressoffice.com ….P.S. are you still in Cresco?

  3. LindaLee says:

    Thanks, Jerry

  4. jan van den Hout says:

    I’m looking for the CD The Hungry years of Willie Nelson.
    Can you help my to this CD,i can pay via PayPal ,thanks

    With Kind Regards
    Jan van den Hout
    Schipluidenlaan 27
    5035KB Tilburg
    The Netherlands

  5. kevin summerfield says:

    Hi from Great Britain,

    With unreserved apologies to Willie, please check out The Spirit of Obama:


    For all supporters of Obama & Willie – I am sure that they will appreciate the
    sentiments contained in the song.

    Simple & low tech’ with crap vocals, but it does get the message across via
    “City of New Orleans”.

    If only Willie could have sung it!

    Pass it on to Obama supporters.

    Best wishes
    Kevin S

  6. B.J. Enright says:

    I am a Club Luck member through Music One Live. They are telling me, I receive nothing by mail. No membership card, newsletter or a gift. If need be, I will join your site. bj

  7. Anonymous says:

    on what album does willie sing mack the knife

  8. C.R. Willie Wurm says:

    Just wanted to send along my birthdate of April 12, 1952. Haven’t received my 2014 member sticker yet. Much obliged – C.R. Willie

  9. C.R. Willie Wurm says:

    Just sending along my birthdate of April 12, 1952. Haven’t received my 2014 member sticker yet. Much obliged – C.R. Willie

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