Willie Nelson in Blonde Ambition With Jessica Simpson

Watch Trailer from Blonde Ambition

Willie, who plays Jessica Simpson’s dad, shows up a scene in the trailer to the movie Blonde Ambition starring Jessica Simpson, Luke Wilson, Willie Nelson.  I don’t know how the movie will be, but it’s always fun to see Willie up on the big screen.  Plus, I bet he had a good time with friends Luke and Jessica.

Release Date:  Summer 2007

Jessica Simpson (Katie)
Luke Wilson (Ben)
Penelope Ann Miller (Debra)
Rachael Leigh Cook (Haley)
Andy Dick (Hank)
Willie Nelson (Katie’s Father)
Larry Miller
John T. Billingsley (Construction Worker)
Christa Campbell
Brooke Devenney (Amber birthday party friend & pinata hitter)
Ted Ferguson (Upset Norwegian Priest)
Corey Flaspoehler (Bike Messenger)
Drew Fuller (Billy)
Jamie Kennedy
Karen McClain (Betty)
Ashley-Anne Parker
Scott Marshall

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