Willie Nelson, at the Democratic National Convention

   1908 Democratic Convention, Denver, Colorado

Bill Husted, of the Denver Post political blog www.politicswest.com has posted that Willie will play at the Democratic National Convention, opening the event on August 25, 2008, at Invesco Field.  I just hope it’s tacked on with a concert at Red Rocks, in Morrison.  We Colorado fans so look forward to seeing Willie at Red Rocks.  He didn’t play here last year; he was touring with Ray Price and Merle Haggard, promoting the Last of the Breed album. 

6 Responses to “Willie Nelson, at the Democratic National Convention”

  1. mikeky says:

    i loved seeing willie at the 2004 convention. it will be nice to see him at the convention this year, too. 🙂 he always brightens up the place. onward to victory.

  2. Linda says:

    Invesco field doesn’t make sense, though; the convention is at the Pepsi Center (privately owned, non-union building, owned by one of Walmart billionaire heirs, but oh, well.)

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