Willie Nelson in Movie kiho ‘Alu (Loosen the Key)

Loren Moreno
Advertiser Staff Writer

Willie Nelson has an appearance in the documentary “Kiho ‘Alu (Loosen the Key) Keola Beamer,” which was awarded an Emmy in the audio category at the 36th annual Northern California Area Emmy Awards. The film, directed and produced by Ken K. Martinez Burgmaier for Hawaii Public Television (KHET), is the first Hawaiian music documentary to receive an Emmy from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.Martinez Burgmaier, of Jazz Alley TV-Maui Reflection Films, said, “I am overwhelmed with being honored with the Emmy Award and we must thank King Kamehameha for bringing over the Spanish and Mexican vaqueros, our paniolo (cowboys) to help with cattle and the wonderful gift of the guitar to our islands, that passed it on to all the Hawaiian musicians that have been perpetuating slack key guitar today and for tomorrow.”

The film ialso ncludes Keola Beamer, Nona Beamer, George Winston, Ledward Kaapana, Cyril Pahunui, Cindy Combs, Ozzie Kotani John Kolivas, Moanalani Beamer and all the rich history of kiho ‘alu.

San Francisco/Northern California is one of the 20 chapters awarding regional Emmys. The award ceremony was held on May 12.

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