Willie Nelson in the Tabloids (4/25/1988)

Willie Nelson and Wife Reconsmile
The Globe
April 25, 1988

Country star Willie Nelson and his beautiful blonde wife Connie are making sweet music again following a seven month breakup.  And they owe it all to their two teen age duaghters, who begged them to give their marriage another chance.

“Paula Carlene, who’s 18, and her sister Amy, who’s 15, plotted to get their mom and dad back together,” reveals a family friend.

“The girls saw Willie regularly during the separation and they took every chance they could to convince him to come home and keep the family together.”

The couple, married 20 years, split last summer when Connie, 41, told Willie she’d had enough of the hectic touring that keeps him on the road — and away from home — about  280 days a year.  She gave him an ultimatum:  “Stay home more with me and the girls, or we won’t be here when you do come back.”

Willie opted for his beloved music — and the road.  His family moved into a luxury Swiss-style chalet outside Denver, Colorado, while he spent what free time he had at his 44 acre ranch near Austin, Texas.

“But he found he missed Connie and the girls terribly,” says the friend.

“He realized that he really loves Connie and doesn’t want to lose her or the girls.  He’s vowed to do some major compromising in his career.

“Willie has agreed to be home more, and Connie will travel with him more than before.  She hopes her presence will remove some of the complications musicians face on the road.”

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