Willie Nelson, “It’s a Long Story: My Life” Q&A at Barnes and Noble


by:  Lauren Passell

Willie Nelson has been putting his stories to music (with his guitar, Trigger) for more than 60 years—and now he’s put his stories to the page, in his just-released memoir It’s a Long Story. We sat down for a few minutes with the country-music legend before he signed copies before an excited audience of fans at the Union Square Barnes & Noble in New York City.

You’ve been telling stories for years through song, and now a book. What’s your best advice for telling a good story?
I would be the last one to give advice on anything.

But you’re a gifted storyteller! How do you do it?

Well it’s different selling a big, heavy book like this one, than writing a song.

How is it different?
With the book, I had a lot of good help. David (my co-writer) would ask me questions and did a good job taking what I said and making it sound half right.

You walk into a big, beautiful Barnes & Noble like this one. Which section do you head to first?
I like adventure and action books.

If we started a Willie Nelson book club, which book would you choose to make everyone read?
God’s Little Acre, by Erskine Caldwell.


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