Willie Nelson, Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Gates and the Personal Computer

I wasn’t going to post this picture, because I thought it was putting Willie down, because Willie is computer literate, and he knows what a PC is.  Mickey Raphael told me my blog was so positive, and yeah I guess so.  Maybe I’m losing my sense of humor.  But I thought the article at http://www.mediabistro.com/fishbowlLA  reporting that Bill Gates is launching a mega advertising campaign to counter the very successful Mac “I’m a Mac,” “I’m a PC” ads was worth printing.  And I read that Bill Gates hired Willie to sing at his wedding, because his wife was such a fan, and paid him $1,000,000.   Well, she has good taste, and Bill was generous to his new bride.    So it makes sense he would hire Willie to be in his ads.

News has broke that pioneering funny man Jerry Seinfeld will be the spokesperson for Microsoft.

Top-notch ad guy Alex Bogusky is the brains behind the operation. The man responsible for making MINI Coopers cool when gas was still $2 a gallon. And perhaps the sole reason guys 18-22 think they have discerning taste by choosing Burger King.

Our insider says the whole campaign is focused on ‘everyday’ people using Windows in real situations. Some of the options the agency has been floating around have been a reporter on Humvee, an Obama/McCain speech writer, a DJ – a blues musician. There was a crew that traveled all over the world filming humanitarian workers.

Not to be out done by ‘real people’ there are tons of celebrities that the campaign may also feature. At the moment the names that have been put into the mix are Sarah Silverman, Willie Nelson, motorcycle rider Travis Pastrana, Matthew McConaughey and Ralph Nadar. Also in what seems like a direct answer to the Mac campaign – Rob Corddry and Stephen Colbert may also do a spot.  Most notable of the names is that of the late great Bernie Mac.

Yeah, it’s bigger than Seinfeld. It’s a $300 million campaign to convince people that the world’s largest software maker is also the coolest. As refugees of the Cola Wars in the 1980’s we think they could take that $300 million and just make Vista not meltdown every couple months. You know, ‘what’s the deal with my operating system needing a major downgrade to be functional?’

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