Willie Nelson, Kelli Fleming, “Fighting With Anger”


Bryan Kristopowitz posts his review at www.411mania.com:

“Nelson never speaks above a whisper and he makes you believe that he really is an old school assassin type guy. At the end of the movie he basically becomes Steven Seagal, which really is a sight to behold (Nelson engages in one of the greatest hand-to-hand combat scenes in B-movie history).

And it also doesn’t look like he’s using a stunt double. It’s actually Willie Nelson beating the shit out of five guys like he’s the ultimate bad ass). I’m kind of surprised, though, that the movie doesn’t have Will kicking ass earlier in the movie, like in the bar he’s always seen hanging out in (for instance, why doesn’t he beat the crap out of a guy messing around at the jukebox or something? And I also want to say that no one discards a vodka bottle quite like Willie Nelson. “

4 Responses to “Willie Nelson, Kelli Fleming, “Fighting With Anger””

  1. juul says:

    An exciting movie.

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  3. Barbara says:

    I still haven’t seen it.

  4. Eva Svensson says:

    I have seen this! I do liked it, nice fights and a good looking Willie to…

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