Willie Nelson on Houston’s 100 Greatest Songs List


Last week John Nova Lomax and Chris Gray, presented their list of the 100 Greatest Houston Songs at http://www.houstonpress.com.

Here’s their number 2 choice (should be #1): 

2. “Night Life,” Willie Nelson, circa 1960.

As the ‘60s dawned, Willie Nelson was fresh out of the Air Force and living in Pasadena with his first wife and three kids. He worked six nights a week backing local star Larry Butler on bass and DJed the other day.

Meanwhile, he was writing a few songs on the side in his car, while commuting between his digs in Pasadena and his gigs on the Hempstead Highway. He got hot one week and wrote three of the greatest songs in country music history: “Crazy,” “Funny How Time Slips Away” and “Night Life,” perhaps the most covered country song of all time.

And deservedly so. Lovable losers and no-‘count boozers could hope for no better anthem than this resigned statement of near-suicidal intent. Sure, the bar-rooms might be full of people dreaming of old used-to-be’s and re-enacting scene after scene from the world of broken dreams, but just listen to the blues they’re playing. The night life ain’t no good life, but it’s my life, indeed. – J.N.L.

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