Willie Nelson on RingoRama

March 2003

  1. “Eye To Eye” 
  2. “Missouri Loves Company” (with David GIlmour, Timothy B. Schmit)
  3. “Instant Amnesia” (with Timothy B. Schmit)
  4. “Memphis In Your Mind” (with Timothy B. Schmidt)
  5. ” “Never Without You” (with Eric Clapton)
  6. “Imagine Me There” (with Eric Clapton)
  7. “I Think Therefore I Rock And Roll” (with David Gilmore)
  8. “Trippin’ On My Own Tears” (with Shawn Colvin)
  9. “Write One For Me” (with Willie Nelson, TImothy B. Schmit)
  10. “What Love Wants To Be” (with Van Dyke Parks on accordian)  
  11. “Love First, Ask Questions Later” 
  12. Elizabeth Reigns” (with Van Dyke Parks on accordian) 
  13. “English Garden”  (with Van Dyke Parks on accordian) 
  14. “Blink” 
  15. “OK Ray” 
  16. “I’m Home”

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