Willie Nelson on the Colbert Report TONIGHT!

Willie’s guest appearance on Stephen Colbert’s show tonight was delightful.  If you haven’t been following this, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream launched two new flavors this month:  Stephen Colbert’s the Americone Dream”and Willie Nelson’s “County Peach Cobbler”.  B&J donate a portion of the profits to the featured person’s charity. (Willie is giving his share to Farm Aid.)  The Colbert Report has been playing it up since Ben and Jerry, in person, appeared on his show and busted his bubble when they revealed that his was not the only new flavor being released.  Since then, Colbert has been challenging Willie.  He made a spoof attack-style add against Wille’s Country Peach Cobbler ice cream and what it contains (“ground up tax forms and hash.”)  (A little boy in the ad says, “Why do I want to do what a pot man tells me to do?  People who are high will eat anything”)

They are talking, and Colbert says they need a mediator.  he goes down his list to see what mediator is on call:  Madeline Albright out of the country.  Kofi Anan, retired.  Then he invites former Ambassador Richard Holbrook came out and got them to eat each other’s ice cream. 

After the last commercial, Willie played Trigger, his guitar, and sang “On the Road Again,” and then Colbert and the Ambassador came out and sang with him.  It was priceless.   Catch the re-run tonight, if you can, on Comedy Central, sometime, or see the video at the comedy central site, or you tube.  It’s funny, and Willie’s in fine form. 

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