Willie Nelson Painting, by William K. Stidham


Artist William K. Stidham has a beautiful blog at http://mysacredheart.blogspot.com and posted this painting he did of Willie for an upcoming Art Show on February 14, 2007 in Austin, Texas.

A friend of mine had been on my a long time to do a Willie Nelson painting. I had put her off for at least a year.As a reminder, she sent me Willie’s book – The Tao of Willie. I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t inspired to paint what I had been painting. Why not?In preparation, I choose to use only 4 colors: white, black, gold and red… After reading his book, I was inspired to give him a sacred heart… Catholic imagery that announced his good intentions and being an agent of deeper purpose.I sketched. Painted it in. Tried to destroy it with water. Washed in gold. Stepped back, and almost started shaking. I felt as though I finally hit on something that could propel me to a different level with my work, and people’s participation and appreciation of it. It looked radically different than anything I had painted before.

From that point, I chose to paint iconic figures who have had a big impact on me and the world.

     –  William K. Stidham

For more about his art, visit his website at:

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