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If you’re new to Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute, first let us welcome you to Willie Nelson’s personal website dedicated to the multiple causes Willie supports. And this A Peaceful Solution video today by Jan Verner-Carlsson (JVC) in collaboration with Calz represents another creative and powerful contribution by folks just like you from around the world.

Now in it’s fourth year the A Peaceful Solution project which began April, 2007 by Willie Nelson and his daughter, Amy Nelson contains a library of 300 or so original multimedia productions dedicated to spreading Willie and Amy Nelson’s dream of A Peaceful Solution.

One important element these 300 productions don’t show you initially is the sheer numbers of dedicated individuals who gave their time and resources behind the scenes over many months to finally contribute one finished project. Nor does it show international collaborations, new alliances formed and connections that survive to this day which had their births at Willie Nelson Peace Research Institue.

The 300 number also doesn’t show all the personal attention and correspondence everyone receives personally from Jay Greathouse and myself, Liz O’Garvey. As artists Jay and myself intimately understand that the creative process for each artist varies considerably. Through conversations by email we can guide each person individually if necessary.
We enthusiastically support everyone through personal emails. We always say “We couldn’t do this without you.” And we honestly mean it. Truer words have not been spoken.

Jan Verner-Carlsson (JVC) and Calz are from Sweden and Denmark and their collaboration demonstrates one of the revolutionary aspects of Willie Nelson’s grassroots peace efforts.

New friends who came together in peace for peace now collaborate regularly on artistic projects to improve life for themselves and others around the world.

If you haven’t clicked on any of the links in the article, please scroll to the bottom of this page and see a button dedicated to Willie Nelson’s A Peaceful Solution project. That button is on every one of our 720 page web site.

When you get to the individual web pages, you can click on any song, video or feature article to see and hear Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute’s growing chorus for A Peaceful Solution.

Willie Nelson gave 5 versions away that you can hear and borrow for your A Peaceful Solution project.

You can also hear and borrow other mp3s from the artists who gave their work freely for distribution and attribution.

Your name can be a link on Willie Nelson’s A Peaceful Solution project and we give you you’re own personal web page with your feature article which includes your personal unedited artist statement written by you. The statement is not a requirement for publication. It is an option if you choose to add your voice in print for your peace project.

Can you see yourself being featured here?

Willie and Amy Nelson wrote the A Peaceful Solution song and gave it to the world as a gift of peace. And folks just like you from around the world have become messengers who personally and collectively create magnificent calls for A Peaceful Solution which travel around the world.

These testaments to peace live here at Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute for all to see, hear, share and hopefully be inspired to participate in Willie Nelson’s A Peaceful Solution project.

Will you join us?

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