Willie Nelson Raises Funds to Raise Patch Adams’ Free Hospital’s Roof


CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. – June 12, 2010

Country singer-songwriter, Willie Nelson, will be performing Saturday, July 24 at the Charlottesville Pavilion to raise money for the construction of the Patch Adams Teaching Center & Clinic, housed on 320 acres of land in West Virginia, one of the nation’s poorest states. The Clinic is based on the model presented in the 1998 Robin Williams movie “Patch Adams.” The concert intends to raise enough money to put the clinic “under roof,” that is, build only the basic structure (walls, doors, windows) before the end of this summer.

Dr. “Patch” Adams, M.D. will attend the Willie Nelson concert, and will speak about the ideals of love, compassion, and joy by which he strives to reaffirm the “care” in healthcare at 7:00pm prior to the show.

The Teaching Center & Clinic will provide sleeping, eating and meeting accommodations, and will host an extensive research library of over 100,000 titles. Dr. Adams says the hospital will be “funny- looking, full of surprises and magic,” construction will include a school for teaching the study of joy, love and caring.

Central to Dr. Patch Adams’ vision is to treat patients beyond X-rays and laboratory tests, and instead treat the whole patient, not just the disease. For example, doctors will routinely spend 4-5 hours with patients just for initial interviews to get to really know the patient. Dr. Adams says, “A physician’s job is not merely to treat the disease, but also to treat the patient. Our hospital erases the concept of debt in the medical interaction and replace it with the concept that you belong to a community that cares about you. We wish to transform health care through the power of positive model.”

Tickets for this extraordinary event can be purchased at www.charlottesvillepavilion.com, 877-C-PAV-TIX (272-8849), select Crossroads and Plan 9 stores and at the downtown Charlottesville Visitor’s Center. For more information on the Patch Adams Teaching Center & Clinic, please visit www.patchadams.org.

About Patch Adams & Gesundheit!

Patch Adams, MD, is a physician, performer, international speaker, social activist, and founder and director of the Gesundheit! Institute, Arlington, Va. The institute has provided free medical care to thousands of patients since it began in 1971. He has devoted 35 years to changing the U.S. Health care delivery system. An internationally known speaker on wellness, joy, humor, love, and health care and the healthcare system, Adams believes that love, laughter, joy, and creativity are an integral part of a context for the healing process.

The Gesundheit! Institute started a home-based free hospital. In 1980, Gesundheit! bought a 317-acre farm in Pocahontas County, West Virginia. Adams plans to build a 40-bed rural community hospital on the property, based on his model for healthcare delivery–compassionate care provided free, integrating all the healing arts. Joyful service is a vital part of this model.

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