Willie Nelson, Red Rocks (1999)


[Thanks to Alice from Georgia for sending along this posting by Lana Nelson, in her Pedernales PooPoo, at WillieNelson.com.  Lana posts to the newsletter from time to time, and you can read more  here.   Enjoy this one from a Willie Nelson and Family show at Red Rocks Amphitheater, west of Denver, in 1999. 

Rocky Mountain High – Morrison, Colorado 

“The bright lights of Denver were shining like diamonds 
Like ten thousand jewels in the sky …” 

Denver sparkled below us as Dad and the band performed at the Red Rocks Amphitheater for the 21st time. Nestled among 25 million year old rocks, this natural amphitheater allows the performer to be on stage, and all 15,000 in attendance can hear without a microphone. 

There may not be a more beautiful place in the world to perform. Today is the opposite of yesterday. 

“Goose” Gossage, former pitcher for the New York Yankees, dropped in to see his old friends. He brought by his handsome sons, who are already avid fans of Dad’s. He had a lot of fans of his own in the audience. One guy even offered him his front row seats for the show when security made us move away from the stage. 

Dwight Yokam and The Mavericks were also on today’s Willie Nelson Picnic. Raul and the Boys stopped by the bus after their fantastic show. They are booked on Farm Aid with Trisha Yearwood, say they look forward to the September 12th show. 

The Mavericks are one of many artists included on the new “Grievous Angel” CD. A tribute to the late, great, Graham Parsons, this has fast become our most listened to CD on Bus #1. 

Parsons’ music is a timeless treasure, like someone else I know.

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