Willie Nelson signs up with Starbucks for new brew

Washington-based coffee franchise Starbucks announced that they have signed a deal with Willie Nelson, who will appear in commercials promoting a new roast, “Cowboy Coffee”  Print adds will feature Willie Nelson on horseback, at his Texas ranch.


Willie Nelson has joined with Washington based coffee company Starbuck’s  to introduce  a marijuana-infused expresso drink.  The drink will only be sold in Starbucks stores in the states of Washington and Colorado, where residents voted last November to amend their state constitutions to permit sale, regulation and taxation of marijuana.

4 Responses to “Willie Nelson signs up with Starbucks for new brew”

  1. Esther Jimenez says:

    As Kinky says…Why the Hell Not! Just don’t take it across state lines! LOL

  2. pjdean says:

    hahahahaha…i read your whole spiel this morning LL and laughed until I cried…you are tooooooo funny

  3. Pat (MissTex) says:

    I want a poster of the ad!!!!!

  4. Lisa says:

    that’s it! I’m moving! the popo gonna test your java?

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