Willie Nelson Souvenirs-N-Stuff Shop

Main Street view of the Willie Nelson Souvenirs-N-Stuff Shop in Abbott, Texas, with some of Willie’s fan mail exhibited on the glass front. (1984)

August 1984
Willie Country by Don Holland

Howdy, Folks!  Well, the picnic has come and gone but a lot of folks created some wonderful memories.  If you weren’t there, you missed out on a full day’s worth of entertaining that looked like it might never quit.  Everyone enjoyed the music and friendly atmosphere.  The only serious problem was the sun.  Some folks forgot that all day exposure on bare skin can be quite hazardous to your health.  The medical treatment tents were setup to handle this, however, and did a great job of cooling red skin with ice and water.

Our Willie Nelson Souvenirs-n-Stuff Shop here in Abbott was busy all week long accommodating the numerous fans who stopped in for t-shirts, pictures, belt buckles, key chains, hand held fans and other souvenir articles all bearing the imprint of Willie Nelson.  The most popular item was the t-shirt that has a picture of Willie and says ‘Abbott, Texas Hometown of Willie Nelson’ across the front.  The fans really identify with Willie and wanted to have a piece of Abbott to take home with them.

Our picture souvenir catalog was recently mailed out to folks on our mailing list and the mail orders have started to roll in.  A very popular item is the Willie Nelson Road Key Chains which are miniature replicas of the Willie Nelson road signs here in Abbott, and which was discussed at length in my column last month.  Since then, however, a herd of good ol’ boys invaded Abbott and ripped off two of the four Willie Nelson Road signs.  they literally ripped them off too as the type of hardware mounting brackets were designed to prevent theft.  Now these guys have gotten a couple of broken signs and Abbott is missing two sings.  I guess I’ll replace them this time but I sure would appreciate it if anyone wanting souvenirs of the sign would just order the Willie Nelson Road Key Chains — it’s a lot cheaper and doesn’t violate the law or good common sense.  Thanks, and ya’ll come to see us here in Abbott, you hear?

Willie Nelson and Don Holland, Storekeeper of Willie Nelson Souvenirs-N-Stuff Shop


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