Willie Nelson Special Edition Honda auction raises $42,800 to aid in relief for victims of Hurricane Harvey

The Central Texas Honda Dealers generously designed and donated this Willie Nelson Special Edition Honda to be auctioned to raise funds to aid in Hurricane Harvey relief.   www.floodauction.org in partnership with United Way helped with the project to raise funds and help to make an impact for those in need after the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana.

United Way of Southeast Louisiana has announced that they received a check for $42,800 from United Way Worldwide from the Honda raffle, and are distributing checks to the following.   As they distribute the checks, they will provide information about the organization receiving the assistance and why they were chosen.

“We will be distributing checks in the amount of $14,266 to the three organizations below:

·        Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

·        Grow Local South Texas

·        Sustainable Food Center Inc.


The Honda features custom art by hood art and the inside cab has been signed by Willie Nelson.

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