Willie Nelson Talks about a Peaceful Solution on the Bill Mack Radio Show


Here is a transcript of Willie Nelson talking to Bill Mack on his call-in radio show on XM Radio last Wednesday: 

Willie Nelson:  I don’t know if you’ve heard anything about it, Bill, but I wrote a song called “A Peaceful Solution.”  Did I tell you about that? 

Bill Mack:  Yes

Willie:  So I kinda put it out there on my website, and a couple more, that anybody who wanted to record that song, using my words, music, whatever.  I throwed it out there, “Please do that.”

So I got a whole bunch of responses from people all around the country, who are recording the song themselves, putting their own images behind it, using the one that I did.  I’ve recorded it myself now four times:  There’s  jazz, and I did a reggae version, and I did  just voice, acapella..  Anyway, I just wanted to let everybody know, thanks for going in and helping us talk about peace.

Bill:  I don’t think I have that info.   Do you have it at hand there how you can get info on that?

Willie:  Well, there’s a couple of great websites you can go to.  Have you seen the still is still moving web site? 

Cindy:  No, which one?

Willie:  Still is still moving.com  A  fan of mine, that I’ve never met, decided that she wanted to put up a website about me.  So she posted information in there, yesterday, or the day before…  She has a picture of you, “It’s your birthday, Bill”…  So check it out.  It’s still is still moving.com.

Cindy:  still is still moving.com?

Willie:  I have a song called, “Still is still moving.”  So that’s the name of it, still is still moving.com

Willie:   There’s some videos made of the song, and I’ll send you some of those.   It’s just great how people have responded to a Peaceful Solution.

Acapella:  Hear Willie sing it A cappella. MP3 file format

Reggae:   Hear Willie sing it Reggae style. MP3 file format

If you want to see the versions created by others, and to find out about how you can help Willie talk about peace, and make a video using Willie’s song visit the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute at www.willienelsonpri.com. 

I’ll be the first to admit it, I know how to find my way around the internet, but I am not so savy as far as making videos and movies on the computer.  But I’m going to try to make one.   Willie’s talking about a peaceful solution; he’s recorded the song four times.  I want to talk about peace, too.  How about you?

A Peaceful Solution
Written by Willie & Amy Nelson on April 29th, 2007, at 3:03am on the bus in California, on the way to Coachella.

There is a peaceful solution. It’s called a peace revolution.
Now let’s take back America.
There’s a war and we’re in it, but I know we can win it.
So let’s take back America.

It’s a dream, so believe it.
Now get ready to receive it.
And let’s take back America.

And when the war is over and we’ve won it
let’s remember how we done it so we don’t have to do it again.

There is a peaceful solution. It’s called a peace revolution.
Now let’s take back America.
There’s a war and we’re in it, but I know we can win it.
Now let’s take back America.

There was a peace resolution
and a peaceful revolution
and the peaceful solution saved America

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