Willie Nelson talks about the Red Headed Stranger

Photo: Janis tillerson

Andy Langer acted as master of ceremony and talked with Willie Nelson and others involved in the making of the Red Headed Stranger in Luck, Texas, at the screening of movie which was filmed there on the movie set western town of Luck, on Willie’s ranch last Saturday.

Thanks, Janis from Texas, for photos and sharing stories from the event

David Anderson – associate producer – talked about what it took to keep the movie going and running out of money.

Lana Nelson – wardrobe – talked about how people on the set pulled together sometimes taking their clothing home at night and washing it because of their love for Willie.

Sonny Carl Davis – played Odie Claver talked about being hung and the bond the cast and crew had which was important part of getting the movie made.

Bryan Fowler – Nathan the kid on the farm – talked about how exciting it was to work on the movie with his grandfather

Cary White – art director -talked about the buildings and how the town developed

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