Willie Nelson and The Beach Boys, ‘Warmth of the Sun’

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  1. cherie says:

    the only thing that would have made that even better would be if Carl Wilson had been there…

  2. Rock says:

    Willie is such a unique voice. His interpretation of “The Warmth Of The Sun” is awesome.

    And Carl is on the recording…just not in the music video. Listen closely between :55 and :57…that’s Carl on the augmented fifth note in the harmony.

    Is that Mickey Raphael on harmonica? It sure sounds like him…

  3. mick collins says:

    I have just come across this nashville dvd i have nearly worn it out as i took it on holiday with my wife and i. we both love it . brian and his brothers have always moved me with their harmonies. of course the other , willie and all the others were superb on this dvd . i totaly recommend it to any one who truly loves music at its finest. love to shake your hand brian.

  4. LindaLee says:

    Thanks, Mick, I didn’t know where it came from.– Linda

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